Especially in the food packaging operations, our company produces the vacuum packaging machine and traysealers which used to extend shelf life and protect freshness of the product. Our company based in Ankara, Turkey.

        Vacuum packaging is a method of packaging that removes atmospheric oxygen from the high barrier package. The intent is usually to remove oxygen from the package to extend shelf life and protect the adverse effects of food products from the air.This method is preferred by the consumer and many countries.

        It's primarily used to store dairy products, meat and meat products, nuts, dried fruits, bakery products, confectionery, snack products etc.To use of vacuum machines will add value to your company and products. The consumer prefers vacuum package today and will prefer in the future.

        Tray sealing machine is used to vacuum the air out from tray filled with products, then filling the food gas which can extend the food fresh life, sealing with printed or unprinted film, cutting the film and outputting the packed tray all finished. 


We produce our products with care and consider consumer's perspective while we design our product.